Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Deck Restoration

Here is a deck that you can see has become stained and dirty. Years worth of dirt and the weather elements have made their mark on these wooden planks. You can ... READ MORE

Evening Storm Floods Office

This real estate office located in the Newark area called us late one evening during a large storm that was passing. A tree branch had shattered one of their wi... READ MORE

School Storm

Here is a photo of a school located in the Newark area that was affected by a storm after having some work done on their roof. As you can see in the first photo... READ MORE

Ceiling Tiles After a Storm

Here are two photos of a school building that had a roof leak after a storm caused a tree branch to fall and break through the roof’s surface. Following t... READ MORE

Basement Storm Flooding

After being hit with a few heavy rain storms, this Wilmington, DE home was confronted with some serious flooding and storm damage throughout their entire baseme... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Roof

These photos are the perfect display of a lot of the work our team handles after a large storm hits our area. Old trees and low swinging branches often damage t... READ MORE

Flooding in the Basement

Here is a large home that has endured a flooding to their basement after a flash flood occurred during a storm. You can see in the before photograph where the w... READ MORE

Ceiling in Bathroom from roof damage

This picture shows when we arrived the ceiling holding water and in danger of falling. A tree had fallen on to the roof of this home and allowed the outside rai... READ MORE